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Home Managed Services

Home Managed Services

Home Managed Services - Monthly payments mean we are ready to help for whatever issue arises.

Many homes are adapting to the range of technology products and services available to us. As demand changes and new products are brought to the market, so does the need to know how to manage and support your home IT services properly. 

Gone are days of dial-up internet and one home PC for the whole family; these days, our homes can be built upon elaborate IT needs and services. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your IT systems failed, or you had a cybersecurity breach?

 In an increasingly digital world, never has it been so easy to store your life online and in digital files. But as the need and demand for home IT services grow so does the need for a comprehensive IT Support Cover Plan too.

At Computer Troubleshooters Toowoomba East, our technology experts can quickly assess your home's IT services no matter how complex it is. We will work to create a solution that is tailored to meet your needs based on your home IT setup. As individual as you are, so are your IT needs and no matter what services you have at home, our managed IT services plan can protect you.

What would you do if your hard drive failed or a virus breached your security? The risk of losing all your images, music, downloads, not to mention the ability of third parties to access all of your data and passwords, is something that most people have some minimal protection against. Resolving issues that arise with your home IT services can be costly and time-consuming to sort out should the worst happen.

Choosing one of our IT Support Annual Plans can provide you with peace of mind should anything go wrong and practical assistance and support to both prevent any data losses and in the event of any issues.

What Is Covered by an IT Support Cover Plan?

  • We offer the following services in our managed IT support plans:
  • Regular Backups  - includes all personal files.
  • Cloud Access - access your files from any device.
  • Security - Installation and updates on all your devices and networks for security services
  • Technology Advisor - Assistance with home technology, education, internet safety and more from our trusted tech advisors
  • Remote Support - Get assistance immediately to help with issues.
  • Device Maintenance - Get more out of your home tech and extend the life of your devices with regular device maintenance.

How Much is an IT Support Cover Annual Plan?

Plans can be tailored to fit your individual needs. By taking out a plan, you are accessing services that would typically run into the hundreds of dollars to rectify should anything go wrong. The IT cover plan is your fail-safe to protect you from data losses, backup and recovery cost as well as saving you against cybercrime and security breaches.

With the most popular IT Support Cover Plan at $49pm, you can rest assured that all your home IT services are covered and protected, and you have on hand support to help you in the event of any issues. To find out more contact us at Computer Troubleshooters Toowoomba East to see how much it would cost to protect your home IT services today.



We should be your first call when you have security questions, when your network breaks down, when your machine or software needs to be upgraded, or when viruses, spyware, and other malware rear their ugly heads. You don’t need to have a long-term maintenance contract although that’s a service that we provide to many of our clients. In fact, no matter who you are and no matter what your needs, all you have to do is pick up the phone and your problem are as good as solved, your questions are good as answered.
So call 07 46 13 1287 to have your computer issues repaired fixed and working today.



Home Managed Services