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Common Computer Issues - The Screen is Blank

A blank computer screen can be frustrating particularly when you don’t know the cause. Your computer screen could be blank because the system is failing to power up. Alternatively, it might be a hardware issue and it could be a sign that your screen is damaged. A corrupt file or piece of software could also leave your screen black.

The first step is to check you haven’t turned the screen off. You can do this on modern computers without turning off the system. If the screen is make sure the computer is booting up. Check that the lights are on and the computer fan is operational. If there is no sign of life, you will need to get your computer repaired. This could mean there is an issue with the battery. 

If the computer is powering up you need to check if the screen is damaged. You can do this by attaching an external monitor from another computer or laptop. If it’s an issue with the screen the new monitor will display your computer system without issue. 

If the issue is with the software, you will need to repair it. Usually, this is possible by booting up the system in Safe Mode. It’s possible to do this by holding specific buttons as the system is loading. This will be different depending on your computer system. 

If the computer is running but remains blank during safe mode, this points to a more significant problem. You will need an expert to either fix your screen or reboot and repair your hard drive.



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Common Computer Issues - The Screen is Blank